Need to see a provider but struggling to find the time? Many primary care, urgent care, and specialty care visits may be eligible for telehealth! 了解更多关于 telehealth options 在这里. 

十大正规网赌软件’s outreach programs, 健康图书馆, classes and other resources help fulfill the healthcare network’s mission of improving the overall health of our community. From participating in community events as volunteers and sponsors, to our 志愿者s in Action organization, community services and membership programs for young families, 妇女和老年人, 十大正规网赌软件 is dedicated to providing access to outstanding health services and information to our entire community.

ValleyCares is an online community resource for those needing help finding free and low-cost shelter, 住房, 食物, 运输, 教育, 法律和健康服务等等. 

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Stay informed—health articles and services at 十大正规网赌软件:


Need something new to listen to on your way to work or while you’re out for a walk? 的 我们是十大正规网赌软件 播客 offers bite-sized advice to improve your health and well-being, and keeps you updated on the latest medical guidance.

这是我们的第一集, we sat down with CEO Jeannine Erickson Grinnell to discuss how Valley is “reignited” since emerging from the COVID pandemic and what’s to come for our organization in 2024 and beyond. 

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身体健康,心灵舒畅 & 精神!
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两个微笑的女孩十大正规网赌软件 hosts community programs that provide healthcare for the uninsured, educate the public about health and safety issues, teach new parents how to install a car seat, provide bike safety helmets to our youth, assist the families of cancer patients, 为老年人注射流感疫苗, 和更多的. Valley还提供 ValleyCares, an online community resource for finding free and low-cost 住房, 食物, 运输, 教育, 法律和健康服务等等. 

Staff members and community volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year to help sustain VMC's outreach efforts. And charitable gifts from our community make possible the purchase of the latest medical technology and other resources.


了解更多关于 成为行动中的志愿者.   


学习更多关于做一个 免税捐赠 支持你的社区.

作为一个非盈利组织, 公立地区医院, 十大正规网赌软件 and its staff are dedicated to providing essential and equitable healthcare and support services for our community.


Exercise, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits are vital to your health and wellness. 的se services and programs are offered to help you get fit and prevent disease.


生活方式药 & 健身中心


糖尿病教育 & 营养诊所



Research a topic in our 健康图书馆

Interactive_Symptom_Checker.jpgSymptom checker makes it easier to determine what to do when you develop medical symptoms. Symptom checker is available for both adults and children.

While it does not offer medical advice, symptom checker can help you understand potential causes, leading you through the decisions to make and the steps to take to feel better faster.

Available for the iPhone and Android smart phones.


类, Seminars, 支持 Groups, Free Clincs & 其他活动
Register for any of our FREE interactive health seminars, 社区”DocTalks," and screening events offered throughout the year. 


If you're experiencing an emergency or are in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1. If you are in one of our clinics or in the main hospital, you can ask to speak to a team member to receive confidential help. 


Struggling with thoughts of harming yourself?
绝望的感到绝望或绝望的? Help is available 24 hours a day at the Suicide & 危机的生命线:

     - Chat or text online at


Are you or someone else being harmed or controlled by a partner or others? Help is available 24 hours a day at the National Domestic Violence Hotline:

     - Chat with an advocate at 的

Report abuse of a vulnerable adult to Adult Protective 服务 (APS):



Are you being forced to work against your will?
Is someone controlling w在这里 you go or who you talk to? Help is available 24 hours a day at the National Human Trafficking Hotline:

     - Chat online at


Need help with reporting child abuse? Help is available 24 hours a day at ChildHelp:

     - Chat with a counselor at

Report child abuse to Child Protective 服务 (CPS): 


十大正规网赌软件 is designated as a Safe Haven for newborns who are in danger of abandonment. We encourage a parent considering abandonment to leave their baby in safe hands.